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Many needs. Many services.


Logistics One accommodates all of our clients' storage requirements from short-term solutions for seasonal or overflow needs, to long-term arrangements for complete distribution packages. We offer floor-stacked and racked storage. Our headquarter facilities have 38' clear ceiling heights and are specifically designed for efficiently storing high density goods and racked products. All facilities are heated and have sprinkler systems throughout. Additionally, each customer's goods are insured for up to one million dollars in warehouseman's legal liability.

Warehousing Services

Inventory Control System

Our inventory control system provides clients with complete up-to-the-minute information. Because we are a certified food grade facility, we must be able to track all products in real time and provide recall information at a moments notice. Our sophisticated system streamlines operations — requiring less manpower, minimizing human error and allowing us the ability to service our customers as efficiently as possible. We can also provide clients with a web portal to our inventory system giving them the ability to run their own custom queries and reports. For clients who wish to transmit data electronically, EDI is available or we can install their proprietary systems on site.

Flexible Receiving and Shipping Capabilities

Our facilities are designed to ship and receive goods by railcar, van or flatbed. We have 20' wide rail doors that accommodate large commodities, drive-in ramps for interior loading and unloading of flatbeds, and dock levelers with capacities up to 100,000 pounds.

Product Consolidation

Logistics One is well equipped to seamlessly handle our clients' distribution needs and will consolidate partial loads to minimize shipping costs.

Cross Docking

Available to act as a cross-dock facility, our warehouse can provide interior transfers from rail to truck, truck to rail, flatbed to van or any other transfer our clients require. We also have a rail lead on site for lumber transfers to or from center-beam railcars.

Value Added Services

Logistics One can satisfy unique storage and distribution requirements with value-added services such as product repackaging, stenciling, labeling, and stretch wrapping.

Flexible Operating Hours

Because we work on our clients' schedules, not ours, we will operate our facilities 24/7 upon their request.